Software as a Service for
Real-time FFE Schedules

Standardise design specifications and manage product data without the hassle of working with outdated documents, excel spreadsheets, document versions and format control. Our system is user-friendly and has the flexibility to prioritise important design information to manage multiple design or construction projects.


Work faster and secure online. Integrate and synchronize data for every design/construction project. All your design approvals can be done online and you can print various PDF reports for both internal-, and external office use.

Cross Platform

Our Software is responsive and adaptable to use with smart devices. If you are onsite or in a product showroom, you are able to use your smart device to update important design information or share reports with Stakeholder.

responsive And Adaptable

Complete control at your fingertips


Monitor Procurement Progress

Track and monitor orders that has been placed. Stay informed with delivery and installations dates as well as important comments regarding the status of orders.

Manage Project Budgets

There are multiple costing reports that you can retrieve for financial decision making. Clients or project sponsors can get a better understanding of cash flow requirements to achieve important milestones.

Customize your data input

Create your own data attributes for each project to effectively manage and control important design information. We have made this system flexible to help you standardize specifications and procurement information. We also offer enterprise solutions that are tailored to your branding and industry requirements.

ease of use

Retrieve various cost and data reports instantly

It’s as easy as selecting the required view and printing it as a pdf report. 

user management

Secure Subscription and User Management

We use a billing infrastructure that are safe and secure. You can easily upgrade your existing plan or add more users.

Data Safe

FFEDOC enables you to manage, control, and standardize data, retrieve valuable project information, collaborate with multiple users and track real-time progress for multiple projects.

Sync Projects

Integrate and synchronize data for every design/construction project wherever you are. All that you need is a stable internet connection.

Duplicate Product Specifications

You can duplicate product specifications repeatedly if there are minor variations to safe time and to make it more user-friendly.

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