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FFEDOC is a secure and centralized cloud-based software system that will help interior designers, architects, quantity surveyors, facilities managers, construction managers, artisans, and other design enthusiasts to manage, control, and standardize data for Furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FFE) schedules at affordable subscription rates.

Our main objective is to give our clients the flexibility to standardize design specifications that are easy-to-use and beneficial for both internal-, and external office use. 

FFEDOC will help our clients to eliminate the everyday hassles of working with outdated documents, excel spreadsheets, document versions, and format control.

Multiple users can collaborate together to populate design specifications, monitor and control budgets, timelines, and vendor management.

Users can print multiple pdf reports for contractual purposes, client proposals, procurement information, delivery and installation schedules as well as cost reports for financial decision making and to obtain client approvals.

We also offer enterprise solutions that are tailored to our client’s branding requirements and other customized development proposals. 

Our clients can enjoy real-time portfolio tracking, ordering, and legal fulfillment without any hassles.

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